Hello! My name is Ricky Smiley, the founder of Routt Classifieds. I started this website because I believe the current options to buy and sell in the Steamboat Colorado area are very limited. Other classified websites either group us with all of the other mountain towns (Craigslist) or lack free listing options. Routt Classifieds is a website designed to address both of those challenges. It is a place where users can place classified listings 100% free, and connect with local buyers interested in their products. It’s a place where community members can post upcoming events and town happenings, and promote to a truly local audience. Routt Classifieds is a place for now hiring ads, rentals, houses for sale, cars, bikes, skis, snowmobiles, etc. The list could go on for a long time.

It’s a place for you, Routt County, it’s your own classified website to connect with your community and do business with others in Routt. Enjoy, and please help to spread the word.

- Ricky Smiley

Routt Classifieds


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