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What’s any of the aforementioned better suited to crafting? Historical blacksmiths created nails, horseshoes, gates, fittings, hinges, railings etc.. Mostly anything iron/steel. It’s the portion […]

I understand Runescape is not concentrated on Combat whatsoever if you do not need to but there are almost no games I know of that […]


Rune items you are making from nothing but bars. The higher grade material could be more difficult to work with than the lower level stuff […]

It’s too little and I am playing at 1440p, I can only imagine what playing at 4k resembles. Individuals recommended changing my windows resolution to […]


my OSRS playtime

June 29, 2020

The ability mill is so much more fun (especially as fake-iron-men, we can make the most of double xp weekend and the free treasure hunter […]

So many posts on HD and Remastered recently, it’s going to be interesting to see Jagex’s official reply if/when they opt to give one. I […]

More broadly, I’m just pointing out that its really tough to’hide’ an artificial restriction (at least one that makes a significant effect ) on a […]

I agree that alot of careful thinking needs to be placed in before actually establishing something like this, but I do believe that the total […]

Like most MMOs, PSO2 compels you to pick out a class during character development, which might force you to freeze up with choice paralysis. Can […]

You understand he plays because he is making adjustments every single drama lol He even complains early that Tyreek choosing plays too fast for him […]

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