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Point to talk about, NBA 2K does have a good creation suite, if you are into it. I play for the creation package. So if […]

Just a case of Jagex letting Runelite do the work for them, rather than having to integrate their own MES only. Most if not all […]

Nebraska will be among those ten teams showcased in Madden 21’s narrative mode I bought Madden for the first time because like 13 this year […]

So this year if I’m buying the console, do I wish to buy the 8 version or the 24 variant? That part is perplexing. 24 […]


In With Nothing

July 29, 2020

Cyber Punk is going to be redoing a next gen version of NBA 2K that won’t come out until the next year, but I am […]

100% agree.. In between making time to your own spouse and running life obligations, a business. Like when I was a teenager I don’t have […]

It’s sad because the gameplay is really great this year. My wife laughs anytime since she sees me waiting around at the area for one […]

Looks like they’re dealing with mechanisms to me. They are picking to tank the strike with harm reducing debil until the egg bombs go off […]

Dear OSRS players,What are your opinions about RuneScape Private Servers? I’ve done my research and found out many of OSRS gamers are not that much […]

It is boring and slayer is a skill, it’s kill x monster y times and go here. It is precisely the same as chop x […]

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