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Exactly like using 2k14. That stinks because 2k14 on the new engine seemed fantastic. Damn that is some bullshit. It is not like hardware either. […]

Well I don’t think anything is as awful as KD taking like 4 steps out of bounds right in the front of the ref, slapping […]

It had been at nba live and it did not work. It was just like playing as a male player in a female figure. It […]


Over time, 2K has been proven to flooding August with advice about the upcoming version of NBA 2K in what seems like a last-minute hurry. […]

What good could come of returning to Crandor, to attempt to improve on perfection? It is better to focus on exploring some other portion of […]

Jagex is Far Better when Gowers is accountable Jagex endlessly and currently struggles. They assert. When quests don’t pump up those amounts that corporate wants […]

Those 5 seconds are brutal. I hate them too! I also concur with everything else there. Plus the typical VC bullshit. I’m counting the days […]

I have been unlucky with this as it has happened while I have been enjoying against teams that are tough, such as the Bucks twice. […]


Not On The List

August 17, 2020

You appear to not know the simple fact that these 2K matches are dogshit for quite a very long time. That is a part of […]

Unabhängig davon, wie Sie es verpacken, hübsch machen oder als harmlos abschneiden, ist das leblose Objekt, das eine Silikonpuppen ist, nur ein Spiegelbild dessen, was […]

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