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It’s sad because the gameplay is really great this year. My wife laughs anytime since she sees me waiting around at the area for one […]

Looks like they’re dealing with mechanisms to me. They are picking to tank the strike with harm reducing debil until the egg bombs go off […]

Dear OSRS players,What are your opinions about RuneScape Private Servers? I’ve done my research and found out many of OSRS gamers are not that much […]

It is boring and slayer is a skill, it’s kill x monster y times and go here. It is precisely the same as chop x […]

I remember there being a poll for hints. Since it didn’t define a limit for how many could be stacked I voted against it. I […]

It seems absurd that my build, a 96 playing with two 85 overalls, loses to a group of 99’s and I’m penalized for it. Obviously […]

I understand that makes balancing somewhat tougher. But if everyone attributes the points that are not tied to a archetype and has a certain amount […]

Stronghold of Safety – Accessible to Everybody. The Stronghold of Social Security is a dungeon at Old School Runescape which is so as to educate […]

I think you are misunderstanding my point. Marketing is all about getting as many eyes on something as you can. There is a part of […]

“The first thing I did was to sign up for r/slavelabour. I did several gigs after subscribing and I made my first $ 100 in […]

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