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Consumers see EA for some of the dumb shit they do with Madden NFL they create and publish, but they don’t see what they do for triggers like equality and office diversity (they’ve ever been awarded in multiple years). They are actually super innovative internally and must be commended on that. It is simple to be cynical about this kind of thing, but they might just have easily prevented making a statement.That’s awesome on EA’s part. No matter how people feel about their Madden NFL we should praise them for their innovative actions. I’m surprised that I’m just NOW hearing about this. I truly want the gambling community will step up and start caring a lot more about stuff like this.

Not only but as on most areas, they are probably the most outspoken. You will find so much players that there’s basically every kind of people. However, its not. The gaming community is fine and its important to acknowledge the hobby is full of decent individuals simply looking to have fun. Every industry and hobby has its own share of sexist and racist assholes. Ignore them and quit giving them the attention that they crave. Celebrate and market the majority of players that bring pleasure and pleasure to the hobby.It certainly is a massive problem within gaming in particular and there’s no reason to downplay it.

Other hobbies such as comic have it bad too but gaming has it in spades. Ignoring them doesn’t work it was attempted for decades and it helped no one while not improving over time rather becoming worse as the alt right radicalized more teens and adults that were and are at the gaming audience. All that ignoring it does is render the victim of the abuse feeling alone in it. It’s more that in state comics you are not interacting with different individuals in the exact same way. You don’t have”multiplayer competitive comic ” with everybody on voice/chat and a person deciding to throw slurs around simply because they suck Madden NFL 21 and dropped.

Absolutely true the comparison between the two is more the vitriol thrown around in founders and the harassment that goes with it. On the other hand for comics it intended people not likely to stores and instead either not entering the hobby or trying to electronic sources to avert the shitheads that’s far easier to do than it’s using Madden NFL unless you simply play singleplayer. Other aspect is that (at least from my small encounter with comics) individuals blame DC/Marvel more often (after all, they command the IP), while in game dev it’s usually the developer taking it.

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