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Rune gauntlets are fine, but there’s the recharge cost should you perish, and if you pk (which is pretty much the only use for them in F2P) you are bound to die, and it can be a nuisance. Even the scope benefit of green d’hide coif is weak for how frequently it needs to be recharged. Mage is actually the only worthwhile class for those rewards cause they’re the best even when uncharged. I feel like the charges should last longer, or be completely removed and just up the initial price. It is a pain having to return and farm more tokens and pay Reggie to recharge every 5-6 hours.

Feelings? What a disappointment! I expected these things to be a revolution in events, for after a loosening of the rules Jagex place on how we do events. I expected these items to have Forge-level customisation with dialog boxes and savable configs. You knowa suitable tool. Alright, so I overexpected and when something like that was released then lots of the RS community might have issues using it, but I wanted something with depth.

What did I get? Some extremely small set of cool-looking-but-useless tools which don’t really work. I can see the potential for some of these, but they can not be combined in all and there’s some fundamental principles overlooking. For example, hide and seek. Seems like a fantastic idea. Wish to know the issues? You have to be in the same clan channel. Well, kind of – the seekers’ rings are fairly useless as they only replicate and have no real clues in them like a distinction of how close you are to a one (else I could not get it to work). The other problem is that everyone on your channel is purple on the map, and so if you are close enough to buzz you’re on the map.

And after that you can not even label someone. The best I could think of for a label has to be a rubber chicken or carrot strike, but even then it’s not obtained the clan functionality built in. What games can you play where you can not tag anyone? Of this means that most of my game ideas are unworthy. Take my thought of adapting 40-40 house to RS for playing someplace like varrock town centre.

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