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This product is one of the main equipments for pulp washing and black liquor extraction in pulp and paper mills. It is easy to sizing in belt washing. Based on simple operation, reliability, equipment and civil construction investment, etc., at the same time, the opening rate of the tape washer is low, running, taking off, A new type of washing and extracting black liquor patented product developed by dripping and leaking, replacing the costly and time-consuming shortcomings.
The main advantages of this product are:
(1) Wide adaptability, the machine is suitable for all kinds of pulp, the slurry is easy to access the Internet, the sizing concentration is high, and the thickness is uniform and suitable for adjusting the pulp layer. Thickness, easy operation, flexible adjustment, stepless speed regulation in the range of 0-30 m / min.
(2) The filter part of the machine is composed of two parts, a filter net and a support net. The support mesh adopts a spiral polyester mesh belt, and the opening ratio is greater than 60%, so its negative pressure source is pumped by high-pressure centrifuge, so the positive machine can be arranged in a single-layer or double-layer situation according to the process layout, which can greatly reduce the capital investment. Since the support net and the filter net are end nets, installation, maintenance and overhaul are convenient. The replacement network can be completed in 4 hours.
(3) Both the support net and the filter net have pneumatic deflection or correction devices to ensure that the two nets automatically correct the deviation within the allowable range.
(4) The slurry washing is completed in the same plane by means of multi-stage progressive washing. The jetting and filtering of each section is clearly defined, and the supporting net is rolled and supported by the rubber roller structure to reduce the relative friction of the roller net.
(5) The support net moves in the sealed box body, and the upper side of the filter screen adopts the upper flange form to eliminate the leakage of the black side of the slurry and the black liquor.
Increased black liquor extraction rate.
(6) There is a liquid storage tank in the middle of the machine to balance various liquid levels. At the same time, the device has a compact structure and a small footprint.
Reduced investment in accessory equipment tanks.
(7) Easy to open and stop, with headbox pneumatic return gate, main engine parking slurry return, manual shutter to adjust the thickness of the slurry layer, etc.
(8) The whole machine slurry changing cabinet is a sealed structure, avoiding the operating environment vapor caused by vapor evaporation during the slurry replacement process.
The vision is reduced.
China Pulp Washers suppliers

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