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What’s any of the aforementioned better suited to crafting? Historical blacksmiths created nails, horseshoes, gates, fittings, hinges, railings etc.. Mostly anything iron/steel. It’s the portion of jewelry crafting process, in which you utilize molds include the cut stone and to smelt gold/silver if anything is slightly mislabeled. Could be considered smithing rather than crafting. Crafting skill could techically include fletching, construction and smithing, but mixing them is not something which can be achieved anymore.

Crafting can be split to leatherworking, tailoring, pottery, weaving etc. but it’s not really something which may be done at this time. It could have been if it were that way from the start. Each of these could be expansive enough ability by itself. But obviously they all are stripped down in their current form and probably not enough to be their ability. They’d need more content developed for them especially. Construction, fletching and smithing have content created for them than the abilities crafting consists of.

Simply put, I wouldn’t overhaul. Changing what is there rests to many items to be well worth it. I’d add alongside what’s already there using suitable and appropriate equipment that is more level. At Level 55 or 60, perhaps By way of example you can make a new metal from Mithril which produces a Level 50 Armor. By way of example a mithil let at 60 that makes level 45, and maybe a flat 80 metal of some thing that produces a level 65 gear would assist the ability be level applicable. They wouldn’t have to be complete sets; they could just Concentrate on armor and a few of the weapons and just span say 10 amounts (e.g. dagger, med helm, sq shield, sword, mace, full helm, kiteshield, scimitar, platelegs/skirt, platebody Might Be an unlock every level)

For endgame stuff, instead of T80 armor dropping from a boss, the boss drops a fragment that you combine to create the armor. To expand on this, I would love to see endgame armor be tradeable and degrading (such as barrows) from Smithing, but in addition allow RuneScape gamers to update that armor with 1 more bar per piece into non-degrading untradable versions at a slightly higher degree (e.g. 95 makes tradeable platebody and 97 makes untradeable update ). That would make smithing without locking BiS equipment worthwhile and also sink more of the uniques of their boss in the process. The same may be achieved for crafting or such too.

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