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Looks like they’re dealing with mechanisms to me. They are picking to tank the strike with harm reducing debil until the egg bombs go off since it is and they’re doing every mechanic. It is not as though they are forcing a phase change by blowing off freeing people like AoD or employing familiar that is uncapped damage. If they were doing the 1 mechanic they’re opting to have a hit that is barely and it wouldn’t be seen by you more than twice in solo most of the time. Would it be elitist of me to refuse to perform competitive modes in some other game, or league, or CS, with somebody multiple positions?

Personally, I don’t have any issues playing different games in casual modes with players that are worse than me, and also in RS – when we are just doing some casual runs, or even better, if I’m teaching, I don’t care whatsoever about kill times. However, if I am looking to set a new record, or make a bunch of cash, yeah I’m going to be strict on who I perform with. Without doubt, there’s a difference between”elitists” and”toxic elitists”, and some folks definitely cross the line, but there’s literally no reason that I can not refuse to pvm with somebody.

On the topic of hp caps, or more broadly, artificial time gates – I hate it. Just how many people whine about phase 2 or 4 in vorago? What about underside path (pre-update) in araxxor? Because they feel anti-skill time gating mechanics and HP caps are un-fun. Mechanic-based stalls, reflects vorago, or such as the pillars at verac lith, feel better. Even things like Nex, where at 4 distinct hp thresholds you need to kill a minion, feel far better than simply”you do 0 damage today lol”, but the boss needs to be designed around that.

Asking to be removed out of RuneScape

The amount of dev time needed to remove and adjust content in the wilderness so you may add new content is much greater than just creating a brand new place on RuneScape world to add that exact same material. You need a legitimate reason behind the wilderness ought to be deleted/replace, and all I’m seeing are for your playstyle is more important hints. If you would like to point out defects explain repairs or solutions are not viable alternatives. Because the Wilderness/PvP is badly designed at the moment, doesn’t imply it can’t be in the FUTURE.

Because Jagex took a approach to reviving it previously, doesn’t mean there are not real solutions that are viable that players/others have suggested. I’m not requesting a Wilderness Rework, I’m only stating it shouldn’t be removed.Most popular/active matches are based around PvP or have important PvP scenes. The PvP audience is among the largest audiences in gaming. Acting like Jagex should look to tap into that’s silly. It may be difficult and not worth the resources/time to reach that RIGHT NOW but in the FUTURE it might be an option. Removing would hurt that eventual endeavor.

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