I dunno one of these modes would have the Team Builder

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I dunno one of these modes would have the Team Builder mode that is rated to a monthly subscription fee. And the Glitched mode would make its cash from the cards that are crazy out there. Its just has so much potential, just throwing an idea out there instead getting tired of MyTeam and it has ruined by these cards. I feel like theres no authentic building a MyTeam its only”Buy this weeks new crazy cards or your group will probably be obsolete $$$” Maybe they could use kind of a MtG strategy of Standard and Modern so as to sell fresh packs along with the Glitched cards are like the banned cards Magic has that arent allowed in competitive play.

I get what you want to say (mtg reference was great ) and it was”kinda” utilized previously. We had”seeds” where you could only use 1 gold, then 3 golds then a few stone etc.. The bad thing about this was for moving up those seeds, there was an team that is best. It functions in card games such as MTG only because they have several styles play (controller,mid range, aggro) and its kinda balanced. In 2K what’s broken. 5-out or float. A play run and the next time it wont work. However much they will attempt to balance a style like this, a cheesy card will probably slip in and its over.

The mode has gone sorta stale I love my GO Big O and GO Luka backcourt, D Reddish, D Lamar and PD Dino frontcourt, with a bench including players and reward cards. Should I sell, blow it all up and begin again? Nervous because I will eliminate money on folks most likely (and I love those 2 opals) but that I don’t really need to mill out mt anymore and mostly play TTO (Oscar, Luka, Dino) but that has only gotten boring playing so many matches with the same cards. If I blow off my (not very good) team up and start fresh for pleasure or not?

I have various tiers. In gerneral but not always you will get paired against cards with tier cards yourself. Publish some spotlight sims wood camera roco that is Christian is an enjoyable lineup select up he is mixed by Bonga in their also. Gerald Wallace and Darius miles diamond are great cards. New amy mo bamba and ruby thon are enjoyable also. You do not need to sell every person to mix it up.

Produces a lot of content, that is mostly his I think. After one point, all of his movies are the same and you realize he looks particular badges, at height and that is pretty much all. He’s fairly average in NBA 2K imo, I saw his stream when he was going for Wilt and whenever he came up against a decent guy he largely lost (and whined about his rival”hitting more whites”). So he bronzes to go 12-0, at what point I just unsubbed out of his station and needed to complete cheese with Tacko.Thank you thank you thank you to the person who found the dash on Xbox trick though. Trick for those who asked: flip replays to often and receive a dip as fast as you can, once the screen pops up displaying your gamers badges before the play, press on the Xbox button. NBA 2K will still run the clock down until the 1 or two minute mark (two for the 4th). It saves a little time by avoiding stoppages of time for most of NBA 2K and also you may do laundry or clean up the home or perform work and just have to play 5-6 minutes of each game.

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