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It seems absurd that my build, a 96 playing with two 85 overalls, loses to a group of 99’s and I’m penalized for it. Obviously when I play with terribly then that is fine, but when my underdog team sets up a solid fight against much higher ranks, that should definitely yield some sort of bonus, whether its VC, Rep or general functionality. I think it would work well if the gap between the opponents and your squad’ had a factor in the progressions. I have a facilitating locate and build it challenging to create low ranks effective against players with my playmaking skills and super fun. That is a portion of basketball, which makes your teammates better. I shouldn’t be harshly penalized for attempting to do that. For stalking the courts such as a predator squads of 99’s should not be rewarded heavily. The park gets super political with people checking each other’s rankings before starting a game and less about just going to find some rep and matches in.

Domination in my group is still broken. I played all time lakers domination on all celebrity this morning cuz im just a few stars from Shawn kemp but got blown out by 15 at halftime from the fucking computer so I decided to try it on ace. Tried after this morning and the exact same shit thats occurred 8 times now where I win the match and it doesn’t enroll my W. yet the shoe contracts, mt, and vc were all used up for the game. I also like I said its happened 8 times received no awards. I only tried it and blew the computer out by 24 however YET AGAIN my W will not register. What the fuck 2k? How many updates have we gone through today and this godforsaken game is still broken.

How the fuck would you scumbags expect us to have the time to keep doing this shit over and over and over and over again? Ive spent so much goddamned money on this cover to acquire bullshit on horseshit packs which will not give me good players. The last 2k I purchased was in 2016. I expect u fuckface developers read this and feel bad because its fucking dreadful to have put out a match this broken. Im playing 7 diamond cards in my lineup and that I cant even start to describe the grueling encounter I’ve playing on the highest difficulty. The computer moves just go right through the defenders, virtually every contested shot goes, and every time the computer dunks they simply glitch directly to the basket. Fucking receive your shit.

Players that play with themselves have difficulty finding Professional teams. If you could submit your build to a totally free agency database, where present Guru AM teams can go through and”draft” gamers, or even invite them into a match as a tryout, would allow solo players to hopefully find a team that would require their play fashion. They’d be able to find all of your stats, so it might incentive players to be better mates in hopes they will be picked for a group. I enjoy playing with rec but hate it at precisely the exact same time as I want to play competitive team basketball, but the majority of the time end up getting stuck with a team at which team of 2-3 players only pass to each other, then I’m stuck with playing out the entire game. Players who submit their builds to the agency list, would likewise have access to it. This would let players to team up with each other. 2K would see a massive increase in Pro AM teams and allow players that can’t use this entire characteristic of the game to give it a shot.

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