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The thing is there’s a lot of people like me, who don’t have any desire to buy/play an NFL game. Never was a fan of NFL Street. I play Madden exclusively for Franchise mode. I love the group building/player advancement, playing realistic games and seeking to break NFL recordings with current players and draft picks, taking my group to numerous playoff appearances and Superbowls, trying to win awards, etc.. I don’t care to play against people online, MUT, Superstar KO, or any other manner. I like getting to”play” GM and performing everything that comes with that and getting to really play Madden with all the group I constructed every season.

My main hope is that enough people enjoy the arcade design stuff then the NFL either decides to allow 2 companies to produce a Simulation design match and that the detail and depth that 2k has inside their”franchise” (I believe it’s called something else in 2k but can’t recall as I haven’t played in a couple of months lol) in NBA is attracted to the NFL world…OR who EA sees and really hears how many men and women would like a more comprehensive, in depth franchise style and that they just incorporate it into Madden going. It’s probably wishful thinking, but we will see.One that would send McAfee ballistic!

This is madden. He stepped on the line when touching the ballso it needs to be a touchback. If you take the ball to the endzone, plus a touchback. Madden never gets this right, it is like trying to comprehend where the rear of the endzone is. I have had Madden automatically overturn receptions captured 3-4 yards in the backline as out of bounds, then the other day my player caught the ball IN THE GOALPOST behind the endzone and it counted as a TD with no challenge.

A punt is…so carrying it does not mean anything. If the player touches the ball inside the endzone it is a touchback.

That distinct though. From the madden clip that the ball isn’t moving along with the player is running, downs it, and decelerates through the endzone. That the ball is moving to it keeping the ball along with the player dives. That is why that player is upset, because he feels as though it should have been downed when he touched it but the ball was moving so in order to keep it from being a 47, he needed to bat it back.

It’s the exact same difference as the kicking team circling and waiting for the ball to stop rolling vs diving from outside the endzone to inside as a way to bat out the ball, once the ball stops that is where its down. If the ball is still in movement than there’s no way of knowing where it might land so it’s a live ball before it regards a stop.This is a well-known rule my man and the participant even understood it. They interviewed him he believed the ball had touched. That would have left the ball live, and he woulda scored a touchdown. Pat, who is one of the best NFL punters lately went this drama.

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