Madden’s obstructing IQ is the most innovative blocking

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I will say it.It’s really pathetic that a game that came out 12 decades ago (APF 2K8) is a much more accurate representation of Pro Football than the biggest football video game series ever. Here is a video of APF 2K8 gameplay, see how organic and natural it seems compared to Madden Another element where contemporary Madden falls short is demonstration. Home field advantage that’s a major deal in soccer, is nowhere available.

Underutilizing that the ESPN license- EA still has the rights to use branding, the ESPN license, and graphics. Imagine playing a night match utilizing the MNF graphics and commentators. Even a week Sportscenter, or Envision post match interviews show during Franchise. Talking stats and the latest news throughout the globe, and even revealing highlights. NFL 2K5, a 15 year-old game had these features, so there is no excuse for EA to not do it, except for laziness.

No mouthguards or visors- There is not any excuse for this. Comment – Seriously, the commentary feels autonomous and akward, not even organic or reacting to moments in Madden nfl. And because of the greed of the NFL, we won’t see competition to give EA the kick in the pants that they desperately require.

OP reads like somebody who has not even played Madden 20. Even though Madden nfl has its flaws (and it has a lot), they are not even anything he said. They added severe penalties to working backwards with your QB. Throwing arcs were revamped this season. YT is headed on by even the hardcore sim and these have admitted that. It is much harder to’lurk’ and receive Super-Mario jumping animations unless you are playing with Ultimate Team using also the Lurker ability and 99 speed.

Madden’s obstructing IQ is the most innovative blocking AI we’ve ever seen in a video game concerning schemes. But people who don’t know the X’s and O’s of football wouldn’t understand that though. They just see one’nano’ blitz come via or one missed block detection and freak out. That applies to each game and can be exploited, although it is far from perfect. I am using a go around with NCAA 14 (the community go-to everyone’s favorite football game of all time) and the OL only lets DLineman go unnoticed a couple times a game. It happens in real life and here.

99% of people who whine about Madden not being simulation soccer do not even understand what there is a real simulation football game. And when they found out, they would whine that Madden nfl was enough and took too much work. I am not a fan of EA, but they have to construct 1 game to cater to 5 or 4 distinct communities and they’re never going to please any or all of them due to it.Madden is light years before 2K football from an X’s and O’s/schematics stand line. The advantage 2K has is being able to call DL stunts, which Madden doesn’t have for an assortment of reasons.

But those do work and aren’t tied to policy shells correctly so they’re useless. And if you give any Madden Pro 2 hours using 2K football, they’ll find”cheese”, pops, and defects. It is not a item. People never reveal its flaws since they only use it in an effort to bring down Madden. It is just like the sim 2K community. They wish EA would’ve kept until they took a hiatus, making the NBA Live/Elite series and despise 2K. The Madden community hates EA and fantasies that 2K would’ve kept making soccer games.

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