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The ability mill is so much more fun (especially as fake-iron-men, we can make the most of double xp weekend and the free treasure hunter secrets for a few incentive xp, but we still arent just grinding whatever will make us the most money at the GE). We literally have nearly foundation 50s in our abilities (and even 70smith and mining right now because the rework is good ). Some are voice and many have a lot more interesting stuff happening. We havent defeated Dragon Slayer yet but we have members (which we certainly didnt plan on doing daily ) since our abilities are leveling up fast enough for us to think about that something such as Monkey Madness should be our real aim. We didn’t do the waterfall pursuit and it hasnt changed at all because it was created.

So she said that you felt boring and like we were only clicking where a wiki guide told me to click because”I’d have never guessed that I’m supposed to go at the home that the river washed me up near, then move in the loft and search all of the book shelves so I can learn that I want to visit tree gnome village and also appear beneath a trap door, in my!”. However, the quality of lifestyle changes such as the quests that are upgraded and the mining/smithing rework, along with the toolbelt, and the easier grind, teleport lodestones, longer run energy, and the skills, some more abilities being F2P, etc make RuneScape really enjoyable. Literally canceled my main OSRS’s membership to cover this account membership instead. I was a RS3 hater but I’m really enjoying this experience that is fake-iron-man.

My take on why people Play Runescape in 2020

1 thing that keeps me playing is that the degrees of immersion depending on how much effort I wish to install. Each skill/grind is somewhere different on the sliding scale of work needed, whereas I need to be with a more consistent pace in the mood for some other games. I read and can afk the news/reddit. Netflix + medium effort tasks are greater than netflix alone. If I wish to place in focus Afterward I can raid/boss. To touch on your stage RuneScape game does a great job of giving you something to do during daily at any time, not only hours which makes it much more flexible than games.

Absolutely. Just like 80%of my OSRS playtime is when doing something else, semi-afking. It’s also probably one of the big reasons why people hate RC. Normally you have the option of paying attention and possibly click intensive manner of getting excellent xp or really low attention not click intensive method of getting low xp, however RC takes attention and a lot of clicking for shit xp as well as if you wished to go 200 percent adderall spamclick you can’t and just get shit xp.

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