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I agree that alot of careful thinking needs to be placed in before actually establishing something like this, but I do believe that the total notion of turning cash into items and ruining it for a possibility of a rare pet may actually get the job done in-game, Jagex just needs to take it out of here. Simply use the amount to buy whatever thing it’s the current moment. So if yesterday 10 bil was put in then use 10 bil now towards item x. Do not tell the players that item was chosen until after the money has been spent, or just the following day or anything.

I believe like this thought would have many dangerous benefits for robots. The worth of items generally botted can go upward, earning them more gold. And much more players are most likely to RWT illegally to purchase commonly botted things to buy the pet. Basically inflating demand for items and gold.Why would players purchase the item sink items to get the pet? You literally put gold in a pit. Didn’t have my morning coffee and misread. It said players drop the item sink to the hole rather than gold. Regardless, players may RWT for gold, that can be directly used by RuneScape to buy up botted items, inflating botted item rates. Still beneficial to botters in two manners.

This appears to be a kinda okay idea if you’re maxed and have literal billions. But the typical player isn’t likely to give a single fuck about this lol…plus it rather demotivates the average player from trying because its gives the players with billions already an easy benefit to take control over the marketplace. Does not seem worth it IMO. The Point is not to award average players with the pet, but to get rid of Items from RuneScape, and maxed individuals with Billions have the power to accomplish this, but the average player can still try their fortune by depositing a specific quantity of money.

The sink thing for declared. People with billions purchase a lot of thing before the purchase price inflates. The cost inflates. Those very first buyers are now a lot wealthier. Rinse and repeat another week for the folks that didn’t get to take advantage of it. Would take a couple friends who already are wealthy a few months to generate a fuck ton of cash. It would be so easy to manipulate things such as that.Don’t announce the sink thing. Simply gather the funds for the day, and if the”RuneScape day” endings (it is possible to update your dailies, etc.. ) that the coffer uses the value concerning GP to purchase the”sink item” from the G.E, and nobody themselves ever had to understand what the item was.

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