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I am not sure why any players would be interested in taking any number of devs away RuneScape to be put aside for any project that does not help RuneScapeplay of OSRS in any capacity. Also, you really need the major incentive of this project to be makeup? Anybody who doesn’t have 6hours to play/day won’t give a crap RuneScape gold about the HiScores, also if Trouble Brewing is evidence of anything, it’s that makeup do not bring about players. So I don’t understand how precisely you expect this endeavor to work out at all.

If this doesn’t work out, how do you expect to remove RuneScapemode out of RuneScape? You’re adding tradeable uniques which can only be obtained without trading by playing RuneScapemode, so removing it would really be unfair to ironmen and could create an RS3 Rare Object scenario. Can you drop the reward makeup in every christmas like you do with present party hats after eliminating RuneScapemode? If you do make them easy to obtain you are screwing. That is a terrible thought. You’re setting yourselves up for a nightmare.

I basically see it as them attempting to make a minigame. Sure it might not be popular at the long term but fresh minigames have been things that come to RuneScape so I’d rather they attempt. Hell who knows, perhaps this becomes the initial huge minigame of osrs which is not popular solely because of bis things or xp. It’s not a minigame, however, it is a gamemode and will have its own servers. A minigame is a game interior of RuneScape, that’s not what this is. It person mode, not castle wars.

But you don’t have any reason to anticipate it will. The last gamemode (DMM) failed. Where the sole draw is cosmetics all minigames. Don’t have cosmetics as the reward. rs2107 gold players need to feel as they’re earning something rewarding when they do it or things will get content. If you can buy them with gp of the others, RuneScapemode isn’t for aggressive, then what makes it worthwhile to start anew if your process becomes wiped next league? Might aswell make a new account, time yourself and then all the things u have just drop over to your primary and repeat?

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