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Just a case of Jagex letting Runelite do the work for them, rather than having to integrate their own MES only. Most if not all Runelite is an edge over Vanilla. And its mostly improvements which should be part of the vanilla match. OSRS players have this bizarre mental idea that”addons” and”plugins” are bad for a game, when the most prosperous MMO ever melts having user made Add-Ons. As I said, I agree – I welcome anything which cuts down on the need for mousekeys, etc.. I just think there are lines.

We determine that using 1:1 AHK scripts will get you banned a 3rd party plugin that directly reduces the amount is okay another evening. But on the other hand, an overlay that tells you”stomp = range” is overpowered and gets deleted. None of it makes sense to me, lol. Either it okay or it isn’t. Prohibit someone for using 1:1 AHK to chisel Zeah essence, but completely allow for bones, MES?

I think you are understating this plugin. You stare at it and click on the prayer it states. It eliminates the learning section of Jad. I’m also Jad being attention deserving, although I didn’t care. Some aren’t, and that challenge a good deal was minimised by that plugin for certain. I believe AHK was a touchy subject since”1:1″ was a weird grey area that still allowed insanely unhuman abuse. It had been prohibited because of how far it may be pushed, not just replicating Mousekeys by creating right click menus trivial, which is what MES does too. Mousekeys is restricted in its uses, so is simpler to allow.

MES replaces that and standardises that accessibility. Again, a reason I want it to be a part of primary client. Atleast that the”change modifier” allowing to select what option it allows. So everyone has real access to this feature. Jad plugin tells. You are assisted by all those plugins in doing Sepulchre. Draw distance is a QoL I want them to attract into the default customer, and they want too. Item emphasize and tile markers would be to assist with visual fidelity, and tile markers are some of the simplest and standard plug design which makes complete sense. Its another way to customise your experience and your strategies, but it does not just say”okay go to this particular tile today” like plugins such as Jad / Zulrah ones did.

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