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In the past, the whip had been the strongest weapon, and while pures did capture 70 attack, it wasn’t a favorable weapon since it could only train attack.

2-tick woodcutting is a novel discovery for OSRS. There are now better coaching spots compared to chinning/bursting Skeleton gorillas, therefore it should not be viewed as”a trade-off for NOT completing the quest”. Clue steps added to Crash Island and Ape Atoll are inaccessible. Though clues are not exactly targeted on pures, they shouldn’t be further punished for COMPLETING a pursuit.

In the end, people keep saying it’s a choice from the build, but I believe that given a decision, A huge MAJORITY OF PURES WHO HAVE COMPLETED MONKEY MADNESS would GLADLY revert the completion just to have access to Ape Atoll and its contents and also give up their capacity to utilize the Dragon Scimitar. It required less than 5 decades for JageX to take out the experience requirement from Monkey Madness from the original RuneScape game. It has now been 7 years between 2013 and 2020 and pures still can not return.

This likely won’t occur partially as a result of code for ape nevertheless as an entire being difficult to follow. I have a pure myself and think it would be cool but Alas. Is a terrible argument, d scim is chiefly used as a cheap but powerful weapon (especially in pvp) – nevertheless not outclassed by anything (if you don’t go 65 attack).

It is possible to easily 2-tick (1.5 tick) woodcut on fossil island, which even level 3 balances can do, and yes pures can get to priff as if you mentioned (and that quest creates a legitimate effort to allow pures to do it by altering the steel sander to iron armor).

I agree with this one, clues suck for pures, and there is not any good reason for getting a hint step in a place you’ve been earlier, but because you completed a quest you can not return. As having a hint step in an place that exists through a quest, it would be. Another pursuit places for Monkey Madness and ape Atoll are a few of the areas in RuneScape, and it’s a shame as soon as they complete the quest, that pures can’t return.

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