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It’s too little and I am playing at 1440p, I can only imagine what playing at 4k resembles. Individuals recommended changing my windows resolution to 1080p and that I was left to wonder what year it was because that is disgusting and will make RuneScape game overall appearance worse. The thing is a gripe, but I truly dislike the artstyle swap that came before RS3. I’m not a hardcore OSRS graphic defender either like I played primarily mostly when RSHD first started and actually really enjoyed search engine and a number of the newest styles that came along with it. A lot of armor stylings and the graphics in RS3 appear to mesh at a bland manner that feels like something out of a budget cellular game.

To keep in with graphic styles I haven’t even mentioned everybody using cash shop skins which are all entirely out of place and uninspired. I played other MMOs who needed a focus on MTX money shop outfits (mostly guild wars 2) and in the very least of those outfits really looked like they belonged in RuneScape game in some way shape or form. Its design philosophy was altered by rS3 and proceeded ignored it. These are tiny problems, but it made me stop playing, when they stack on top of eachother so blatantly. There was too much resistance as it came to figuring out that shows a level of unprofessionalism when it comes to layout and the way to do things.

This isn’t to shit on RS3. There is a good deal of QoL changes that I found to be quite nice like the toolbelt, money pouch, and the complete required rework to mining and smithing (that is frankly needed in OSRS) only as a few examples. I simply would not state that the MTX is the only bad thing about RS3, once I believe it has engine, graphical and UI problems as well as (in my view just for this ) an abysmal art style in which the MTX outfits do not even match that design philosophy.

Mentality is preferred by me. Stopped playing both games a while back but I prefer the way mature the RS3 content is and the way unrestricted their development is. Yes some things are awful like MTX, however, the upgrades are not held back by people who dislike a certain item/area/skill added. Personally, I think because nostalgia is residing off RS3 will not die quicker than OSRS. Not as a YouTuber/streamer comes with an opinion and his network allowing updates will instantly side-by-side is a bad recipe for disaster. Pun intended.

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