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In light of this release of this Daeyalt nature mine, could the regular essence mine be reworked to give more pure essence each hour via some combination of rising the mining rate, which makes it a searchable source that is traded for pure character and/or adding a deposit box into the character mine. As it stands currently essence mining isn’t even a good option for ironmen as a source of getting character, Temple Trekking and PvM provides more pure essence per hour as well as the other incentives to perform those activities.

I think it makes more sense thematically and from RuneScape balance standpoint to have the character mine be the default option for players seeking to assemble essence for themselves. Additionally, as Daeyalt character mining was polled instead to conventional pure character that doesn’t increase general exp per hour when you account for mining period, buffing traditional essence mining in this way would be required for pure essence to be a feasible alternative to Daeyalt essence for players gathering their own character.

The way is that every form replaces the usage of the last. Nobody uses routine rune essence (out of possibly f2p ironmen or some thing ). And now outside of lava runes, daeyalt replaces pure essence. Considering that Zulrah and NMZ nobody has ever mined character, and more critters shed it than everbefore. Hell you don’t even have to craft your own runes in the first place farm Zalcano or maybe drakes if you want natures. It’s a real shame every time that they destroy by incorporating of skilling material to pvm loot sources skilling.

Rune essence and essence was the exact same thing, they have been split to an essence that could be used in P2P and essence that may be used in F2P to combat F2P bots. By incorporating methods to farm and flood A decision that has been undermined RuneScape with essence faster compared to mining bots ever could, like NMZ. Leading to the current paradoxical situation where character costs than rune essence.

You’re correct, it’s a real shame and this proposal is aimed at making the skilling process at least. It’s a little ask, but at this point it’s pretty apparent that the simple fact that PvM has ruined and swallowed everything else in RuneScape is never going to be addressed. The boss slayer blog is simply further evidence that this is the direction RuneScape is currently going to continue in.Burnt out OSRS player Trying to try out something

I an OSRS player. I’m already level in OSRS but it seems I’ve hit a stump and was looking to get in to RS3 for some time until I miss OS. I tried logging in and I’m very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I should do. Is there a manual for new gamers atleast a CC I could join that may atleast guide me to the right direction? Once u understand the menus, and the connection between crafting abilities and invention RuneScape is awesome. I had been like you some weeks ago (Came from osrs) and now I unlocked invention can truly say osrs just doesn’t worth to even attempt again. I could help ya, send me rsn over message here and let’s get into adventures!

As you’re coming from OSRS the wiki’s [[manual for players ]] may apply for you. It has got hyperlinks and some advice to stuff that has been changed post EoC which could help you. If you have any particular questions about RuneScape feel free to ask me always happy to try and help! The interface/enhanced customisablity of rS3 can definitely be perplexing at first but imo it makes it a much match that is much better when you have tweaked it exactly how you like it and also do get in the swing of things.

There are many more I want to tell you, but time is limited. These views and ideas are all from this website, if you are interested, you can browse them in detail. URL:

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