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I remember there being a poll for hints. Since it didn’t define a limit for how many could be stacked I voted against it. I would be OK with storing a few, such as your proposed amounts, to ensure a hint drop doesn’t mean that you need to stop your current undertaking to complete it immediately in the event that you want additional clues. I simply don’t want infinite clue stacking to stop people from stockpiling loads of them to get efficiency-scape clue farming in contrast to the periodic breaks they’re intended to be. League that was twisted just showed that the hints were broken. It was certainly fun to have the ability to finish an Abby superhero job with heaps of elite and hard hints, and do over 100 clues in a sitting, but just like a great deal of league relics, its just too far from the initial notion of OSRS. Both were nice in the league but no place in the game, although I would love the resource transportation relic or WT protection.

And on a different note, clue rewards will be devalued because there are clues coming into RuneScape. They worth doing so it enough to make an impact or as is, and even with a limit of five. Leagues was outstanding because most of the steps were ensured to be in a single small field of RuneScape. I mean, seriously, teleporting outside and switching gear is annoying, but it does not take that long. I really don’t believe doing them all at one time and doing each hint when they drop than saving them up before the end of the job would require that more. The actual benefit has been able to do each of the steps in Zeah. I have serious doubts that having the ability to carry two elites or 3 hards at once could be game-breaking.

I have got two that seem to catch me a great deal of shit when I discuss them with this sub. The death mechanics in RuneScape are absolutely neutered (such as after this upgrade ) and completely fly in the face of the soul of rs2. Rs2 proved to be a dangerous game. Death was in the back of your head, your death that is possible as well as the deaths of different players. Seeing somebody running on low hp was a huge adrenaline rush because you could get shit. Hell every event could turn around and kill your butt while you’re afk. The threat of death created an extremely interesting meta-dynamic across the entire game where any time you’re doing something remotely harmful, you had to make a decision regarding how much equipment you wished to bring along, to strike the ideal balance between speed (because of good/expensive equipment ) and risk and your level of ability and confidence.

That entire dynamic is utterly gone in OSRS, and I have never really understood why a community who is frequently so discriminated against shift (sometimes without even any good reason) appears so broadly accepting of such a fundamental change to the soul of RuneScape. The manner death worked in RuneScape was a significant thing that set it apart from other MMOs of it’s time, such as WoW. People too often place their interests above the health and longevity of RuneScape when voting in surveys. We will need to let Jagex upgrade and add items that are big to RuneScape. Big updates are an early game like OSRS’s lifeblood. There are a few major”off limits” areas for this particular area, where it seems like it’s almost impossible for Jagex to pass on an upgrade, such as new skill(s), new coaching procedures, and new strong items/gear.

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